Mark McKenzie



Sony Classical Mark McKenzie and Joshua Bell Soundtrack

Something special is coming on the Sony Classical International label. One hundred, thirty five musicians gathered in London to record the film soundtrack to MAX AND ME. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios featuring concert violinist Joshua Bell, large symphony orchestra, the London Singers, the London boys choir Libera and soloist Clara Sanabras. This Mark McKenzie work, over an hour in length, is dedicated to choral master Robert Salvatore Ruberto 1932-2016.

“The animated film to be released later tells the story of an artistic troubled teen DJ, and an older man Gunther who shares the spiritually rich story of Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe. As a deeply compassionate man of faith, Kolbe confronted the Nazis until he was sent to Auschwitz. There his actions and words to those around him were filled with strength, faith, encouragement, peace and love. In the midst of brutal torture, his convictions lead him to offer his own life in place of a man condemned to the starvation bunker. Kolbe lived out his dedication to his faith saying “Only love is creative.” Kolbe was canonized a Saint in 1982.

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