Mark McKenzie



***** Mark’s films have grossed over 13 Billion dollars. $13,150,600,000.00 to be exact. (According to IMDB)

***** Academy Awards: Four scores orchestrated nominated for academy Awards. One win: DANCES WITH WOLVES.

***** Two original scores nominated as Best Score of the Year by the International Film Music Critics. One won the HHMA Best Indie Score of the Year.

*****Critics rave calling Mark’s music soaring, timeless, outrageously beautiful, triumphant, profound, sublime, tender, gorgeous, inspiring, haunting, ravishing, spiritually powerful, uplifting, lush, soulful, magical, theophonic, a boundless expression of joy, the most beautiful, lyrical and emotionally resonant music ever written for film, the essence of unconditional love, glorious, infinitely exquisite, a tribute to the overpowering inherent goodness alive within the human soul.

*****Mark won IFMCA Best Animated Score of the Year

*****For years Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, Bruce Broughton, Marc Shaiman, John Williams, John Barry and others relied on Mark’s creativity and craft to enhance their music.



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