Mark McKenzie

Dragonheart Vengeance

Dragonheart Vengeance Soundtrack
Music Composed and Performed by Mark McKenzie

1. Hold On To Hope in the Dark Times 
2. Love Changes Everything
3. Never Never Ever Give Up
4. You’re Destined for Greatness
5. You Make Me Feel Magical Inside
6. Look At What You Have Left and Not at What You’ve Lost
7. Pledged to Peace
8. Great Love Surrounds What is Surrounding You
9. Snake Battle
10. Self Control Makes You Stronger
11. Trying to Kiss You
12. Look Behind You!
13. Risking Life For Something Bigger Than Yourself
14. Siveth’s Cat Mouse and Dragon Plan 
15. Keep Looking Up
16. Hope: It All Works for Good

Composer would like to thank Randy Edelman who’s timeless Dragonheart theme breathes beauty into this fun film franchise and into this soundtrack. Siveth’s Cat Mouse and Dragon Plan is dedicated to Linda Larson who will be missed. Music for film is collaborative, a warm thank you to many who contributed: Director Ivan Silvestrini, Writer Matthew Feitshans, Producers Raffaella De Laurentiis, Hester Hargett-Aupetit, Share Stallings; Universal Music Executives Angela Leus, Mike Knobloch and Rachel Levy, Back Lot Music’s Nikki Walsh and Andy Kalyvas; the extraordinary actors Helena Bonham Carter, Jack Kane and Joseph Millson; Intrada Record’s Doug Fake and Roger Feigelson; Mastering Engineer Patricia Sullivan; Vision Daw Music technical advisors Mark Nagata and Ryan Ouchida; my family Sue, Megan and Mollie.

Available on Intrada Records and for download on Universal’s Back Lot Music label.
Executive in Charge of Music for Universal Pictures: Mike Knobloch
Music Supervised for Universal Pictures: Angela Leus
Music Business & Legal Affairs for Universal Pictures: Tanya Perara & David Flanzer
Marketing for Back Lot Music: Nikki Walsh
Production for Back Lot Music: Andy Kalyvas