Mark McKenzie


Prison Uprising composed by Mark McKenzie for Jerry Goldsmith  Time:  3:38

One of the greatest cinema composers ever, Academy Award Winning Jerry Goldsmith asked me to compose the 6 minute prison battle at the end of the Robert Redford / James Gandolfini movie THE LAST CASTLE. Jerry had it in his contract that he could ask whoever he wanted if he needed help. Music executives were nervous and refused to make a deal with my agent. Jerry gave me no instructions and so after finishing composing, I called Jerry to have him hear a mock up. He said he didn’t need to hear it..he’d hear it soon enough. What, you don’t need to check it out first?  Nope. After I conducted the first rehearsal at the old CBS Radford recording stage with an 80 piece orchestra, the nervous music executive called my agent very happy and made a GOOD deal.  No changes were made…we recorded it on take three.  Such amazing LA Musicians!!  Thanks Jerry for believing in a young composer.