Mark McKenzie



Once again, I have wisely entrusted the music score of one of my films to Mark McKenzie, a composer with understanding for both story and character. This is my second collaboration with Mark (the first being THE LAST SIN EATER which I encourage you to listen to – it’s nothing short of breathtaking) and unlike many composers of today, he shines in both his melodies and his musical range. I believe that art whether it is in a movie or a painting, or a song, has the ability to express the purest part of the human soul – the part of us that is closest to our Creator. I believe Mark shares this aspect of himself without apology. Along with his deft orchestration and emotionally nuanced score, this soundtrack features songs from some of today’s finest contemporary Christian artists whose music complement Mark’s score and encourages faith, hope, and love with tremendous beauty and power.

– Director Michael Landon Jr.

As filmmakers we use at our disposal various tools and techniques to bring the viewer into our imaginary world to make it seem real. However, there is truly only one added element that is not inherent in the everyday human experience; music. We do not hear music when we are fighting with a loved one or being chased down a dark cold alley. As Edgar Harburg once stated, “Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling.” And feel is exactly what you will experience when you listen to Mark McKenzie’s score THE LAST SIN EATER. He will invoke in you feelings of loneliness, despair, panic, heartache, fear, awe, love, hope, and ultimately joy. His melodies will linger in your heart and you’ll find yourself wanting to hear them again and again. This music can live and breath without its visual companion. I dare say, the opposite wouldn’t be true.

– Director Michael Landon Jr.

Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with. Talented, timely and
maximizing the budget we gave him without a hint artistic compromise, he delivered on all fronts. Of course, I could continue to be effusive, but the real proof is in the hearing. I would encourage anyone reading this to get hold of a copy of Mark’s soundtrack for “THE ULTIMATE GIFT” and give it a critical listen. Better yet…go see Mark’s music blend with the images, define and propel the scenes, and knit the film together thematically and emotionally. Thank you Mark for a job well done.

– Director Michael Sajbel:

“As musically talented as Mark McKenzie is, I believe his most valuable asset as a composer might be his enormous heart. From the very beginning, Mark felt what this movie was about and was able to translate those emotions into a lush, beautiful score.
Working with Mark on the Blizzard score was truly a highlight and one of the best experiences of my career. His amazing talent combined with unerring instincts as a composer and remarkable flexibility as a collaborator, made him this director’s dream.”

– Director Levar Burton: BLIZZARD

DRAGONHEART: A New Beginning
“What impresses me most about Mark’s music is its sincerity. It is as if he lived through each scene with the characters and felt what they felt. Challenge, opportunity, loneliness, hope, fear, heartbreak and triumph; each note seems to believe in the story.”


“When a film is completed it has a very tangible life. Then there is music and that life is forever transformed. Mark’s score is epic yet intimate, surrounding and supporting the vistas as it infuses the characters and the story with deep emotion. Lush, lyrical and intensely human…it is timeless.”

– Director Karen Arthur, THE LOST CHILD

“The music he created for our movie has sweep and power…and all the intimacy I had ever hoped for. Mark’s work with an orchestra gives FRANK AND JESSE a vivid life with some incredibly stirring themes. ”

– Writer / Director Robert Boris, FRANK AND JESSE

“Mark’s music in MY FAMILY/MI FAMILIA is beautiful and dramatic. His music brings suspense, excitement and tenderness to scenes such as “The River” in MY FAMILY / MI FAMILIA. I appreciated Mark’s good attitude and his willingness to work with me until we arrived at musical solutions we were both happy with.“

– Director Gregory Nava, MY FAMILY / MI FAMILIA

“Thanks so much for your wonderful work on DOWN PERISCOPE. you inherited a tough assignment, and performed and produced with speed, humor, and great musicianship. You are a pleasure to work with.”

– Robert Kraft, 20th Century Fox President of Music

“Mark … Your score is a hit. People start marching into the Galactic Federation Receiving area as soon as the doors to the queue open and they hear its first strains. The various pieces that support the Briefing Room work wonderfully to establish the various and changing moods of the scene…I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with you… and how much I appreciated your patience as we worked through several of those awkward, but necessary “Want, do we really want?” moments. You’re the best, and your score for Stitch’s Great Escape! is just perfect! ”

– Producer Rick Rothchild: