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“A Mother’s Prayer” 2018 Grammy Consideration

A Mother’s Prayer from the soundtrack Max and Me has been submitted by Sony Masterworks for 2018 Grammy Consideration. Joshua Bell’s stradivarius reaches constantly toward heaven with a theme crafted to always leap and point up in both pitch and key. In the end it settles on some of the violin’s highest and most ethereal notes stunningly performed by one of the finest violinists in the world, Joshua Bell. Through this website we hear from mothers; one, a doctor, wrote that A Mother’s Prayer brought profound strength and comfort as she prayed for her son who had fallen back into heroin usage. Another wrote saying the music moved her deeply and told of her praying for a son deployed overseas. It’s an honor to hear from friends and reminds us that there’s something healing that God does in us as we listen to music and look up. A brilliant and very thoughtful heart surgeon said to Mark recently; I just fix hearts but your music heals them. The London Orchestra, Joshua Bell, The Libera Boys Choir, London Voices and Mark are grateful for kind reviews: “staggeringly beautiful” Movie Music UK, “a triumphant ravishing masterwork” American Music Preservation, “boundless expression of joy” “tender, heartfelt, soaring” Score Zone, “you’re going to have goosebumps.” Cinematic Sound, “profound…inspiring and haunting…stunningly beautiful.” Movie Music International, “do not miss this celebration of life and love” Soundtrack Dreams. The music was recorded at Abbey Road Studios by Peter Cobbin and mixed at 20th Century Fox Newman Scoring stage in Los Angeles by Armin Steiner. We would be honored if you would share this page and A Mother’s Prayer with friends. Grammy voters, there are many worthy pieces, thank you for your consideration. The complete recording of A Mother’s Prayer can also be heard on YouTube.

Joshua Abby Road

Joshau Bell performing A Mother’s Prayer at Abbey Road Studios

Score to A Mother’s Prayer: Signatures by Violinist Joshua Bell, Conductor Gordon Johnson, Soloist Clara Sanabras, Choral Masters Terry Edwards and Ben Parry, Recording Engineer Peter Cobbin, and Music Copyist Gregg Nestor.

MAX 420

A Mother’s Prayer comes from the Soundtrack entitled Max and Me



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