Mark McKenzie


Notes from Above / Ave Maria Radio features Max and Me

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Thank you to the “Notes from Above” music program and the focus on Sony Masterwork’s soundtrack “Max and Me”  “Transcendent…Beautiful..Fabulous…What power…An incredible tour de force” come from cohost Tom Lowe and Sister Sarah Burdick. The power comes from the story of Maximilian Kolbe, the amazing London Voices, symphony orchestra, choir, Libera boys choir and voice of soloists Clara Sanabras. When hearing a fellow prisoner randomly chosen to die in an Auschwitz starvation bunker, screaming, “Not me, I have Children!” Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe calmly stepped forward. With a Nazi rifle pointed at his face he said, “Officer may I please take this man’s place? ” Kolbe believed to address hatred: “Only love is creative.” Composer Mark McKenzie tried to put compassion into each note. Here is Ave Maria Radio / Notes From Above’s 55 minute interview on the music to Max and Me:

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