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Something Special Is Coming soon on Sony Classical…

It is very rare for Sony Classical International to release a soundtrack without the movie’s release but in this case there is good reason: something special is coming. One hundred, thirty five musicians gathered at Abbey Road Studios in London to record MAX AND ME including violin virtuoso Joshua Bell, a very large London studio orchestra, the renown London Singers, world famous London boys choir Libera and numerous soloists including Clara Sanabras. There is a musical and emotional build of compassion from track one with Joshua Bell’s first solo “I Am” to the depth of pain in “Aushwitz Cries,” and triumphs of “I Love You,” “Triumph Over Fear,” and “Heaven’s Welcome.” This work, over an an hour in length, stands on it’s own as a symphonic treasure. If you only purchase one McKenzie soundtrack, we’d like to suggest that this is the one.

The animated film, to be released at a future date, tells the story of an old man sharing the true story of Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe to an artistic and troubled teen. A deeply compassionate man of faith, Kolbe confronted the Nazis until he was banished to Auschwitz. In the midst of daily torture and death, Kolbe’s words and actions were filled with strength, faith, encouragement, deep peace and love.  He begged his friends to not be overcome with hatred but to be filled with love saying “Only love is creative.” His compassion lead him to sacrificially die in a Nazi starvation bunker in place of a father who had been randomly selected to pay the price for an   attempted prison escape.  Kolbe was the first Polish man canonized a saint. The composer will personally give a portion of every dollar of streaming and sales to the Shoa Foundation which is dedicated to further the remembrance of the Holocaust and the Catholic Relief Services which fights disease and poverty overseas. Max and Me is dedicated to the memory of choral master and early mentor Robert Salvatore Ruberto 1932-2016.

Joshua Abby Road

L-R Concert violinist Joshua Bell with Composer Mark McKenzie holding Joshua's Stradivarius during playbacks on the Inspiring animated film MAX AND ME - Version 6I LOVE YOUIMG_2349IMG_2386IMG_2184 - Version 3IMG_2406_2I AMSunset Hug Clara Sanabras and Mark McKenzie at Abby Raod Studios - Version 2



  1. I Am (w/ Joshua Bell on violin) 1:13
  2. Two Crowns Vision 1:22
  3. Head in the Clouds Over You 2:16
  4. You Could be Anything 2:44
  5. In the Trenches 2:29
  6. If You Are So Intelligent Why Don’t You Believe? 5:22
  7. Ask and it Will Be Given to You 1:25
  8. When I’m Saying Me I Mean You   :51
  9. Dare To Dream Bigger  1:51
  10. A Mother’s Prayer (w/ Joshua Bell on violin) 3:10
  11. Dapper Duds   1:50
  12. Sunset Hug 1:49
  13. I’m Sorry 3:02
  14. Nazi Brutality 3:17
  15. Prayer For Peace 3:40
  16. Auschwitz Cries  2:56
  17. Only Love is Creative 2:37
  18. I Love You (w/ Joshua Bell on violin) 4:00
  19. Triumph Over Fear and Death 3:20
  20. He Was Always With Me 1:50
  21. I Believe in You 4:12
  22. Heaven’s Welcome 2:28

Violin Solo: Joshua Bell
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
Abby Road Recording Engineer: Peter Cobbin
Mixing Engineer: Armin Steiner
Conductor: Gordon Johnson
Supervising Music & Scoring Editor: Marc S Perlman MPSE
Additional Music Editing:  David Lai
Music Preparation: Gregg Nestor
Assistant Recording Engineer: John Barrett
Assistant Mixing Engineer: Christine Russell
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Susie Gillis
Orchestra Leader: Thomas Bowes
Choir:  London Voices
Chorus Masters: Terry Edwards and Ben Parry
Solo Vocalist:  Clara Sanabras
Boys Choir: Libera
Libera Choir Director: Robert Prizeman
Boy Soloist: Issac London
Soundtrack Available on Sony Classical

Special thank you to Pablo Barroso, Claudia Nemer, Violinist Joshua Bell, writer Bruce Morris, Animators Paty Garcia-Pena, Gregorio Nunez, Music editor Marc Perlman, Conductor Gordon Johnson, Abby Road Recording Engineer Peter Cobbin, 21st Century Fox Newman Scoring Stage Mixing Engineer Armin Steiner, Choral Masters Terry Edwards and Ben Parry, the Libera boys, choral master Robert Prizeman, Soloist Clara Sanabras, Addidtional Music editor David Lai, Stephen Ritzenthaler, Jerry Goldsmith, David Baker, Nancy Rice Baker, Morten Lauridsen, Contractors Isobel Griffiths and Susie Gillis and the composer’s family Sue, Megan and Mollie McKenzie.

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