Mark McKenzie


MAX 420

Review: “Staggeringly Beautiful…leading contender for 2018 Score of the Year…finest film music I’ve ever heard” Movie Music UK

“I have long felt that Mark McKenzie, even among his peers, is a composer who could have, in other circumstances, been one of the greatest film composers of his generation…the twenty-five or so films which he has scored contain some of the finest film music I have ever heard – and that’s not a hyperbolic statement…Listen to the music he wrote for films like The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca, or Durango, or The Lost Child, or Blizzard, and then imagine that that music had been written for various high-profile, awards-caliber dramas. McKenzie would be on his fourth Oscar by now.”Max and Me is a staggeringly beautiful score, filled to the brim with orchestral glory, soaring melodies, emotional themes, choral wonderment, and sublime instrumental solos…It’s clearly intended to be a spiritual, reverential celebration….I genuinely can’t remember the last time I was so moved by a piece of new film music as I was by Max and Me…it has firmly anchored itself in place as the leading contender for 2018’s Score of the Year honors – and it will take something truly miraculous to beat it.” Thank you to Jonathan Broxton. Read the complete review on Movie Music UK.

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